"Agat Dental" dental clinic opened its doors for patients in 2003. From the very beginning of our activity our motto is "Happiness begins with a smile." We try to make people happy, giving them a dazzling smile and healthy teeth. Our specialists are doing everything possible to ensure that patients perceive the treatment 


in our clinic not like an obligatory unpleasant procedure, but as an opportunity to make their appearance even more attractive thanks to a dazzling smile. We will do our best to ensure that your visit to our doctor is accompanied with only positive emotions and that the medical procedures you undergo do not cause any hint of pain!

The doctors of "Agat Dental" clinic use exclusively modern equipment of last generation in their work with patients. This equipment ensures highest standard of comfort and safety of the patients.         

For the purposes of anesthesia our clinic uses only the best anesthetics from leading manufacturers.

To ensure the safety of patients the doctors of our clinic use only disposable items, of course, if they are supposed to be disposable. If the equipment is used repeatedly, it is subject to thorough compulsory sterilization in compliance with all sanitary-epidemiological norms. Such procedures guarantee, that any patient in our clinic will be completely protected from the risk of possible contamination in the course of various manipulations.

The main principles of "Agat Dental" dental clinic's work:

- Care for our patients, which is expressed not only through provision of timely treatment, but also through competent advice of our skilled professionals to all who turn to our clinic

- Highly qualified medical personnel. Because we, like nobody else, know that only qualified and experienced specialists will deliver a competent diagnosis and will design the schedule of subsequent treatment of oral diseases

- Free consultations

- Affordable pricing

- Guarantee on all work performed

High-quality and modern dentistry - Your way to a perfect smile and healthy oral cavity!


License of our clinic: